Customer Assistant

Customer AssistantIntroducing the “Customer Assistant” a revolutionary Retail Customer Helper from IgeaCare Solutions Inc. The Customer Assistant, is a powerful customer assistant solution that integrates all customer requests plus much more into one system. It ensures full duplex communication and fast contact between customers and staff.

Utilizing the Customer Assistant and its peripheral devices, allows us to bring you a line powered PBX based customer solution. Seamlessly integrated total connectivity. Customer to Staff, Staff to Customer, Staff to Staff, security, wireless communication & overhead paging.

The Customer Assistant is designed to use the power of PBX based technology. The capacity of each PBX can be tailored to the size of the facility. Private Branch Telephone Exchange System, or PBX, is basically a telephone communication switch that seamlessly integrates all telephone communications. Automatic reporting on calls and response time provides total accountability for staff and is a measure of customer service and satisfaction.

This information can be a helpful aid in resolving complaints and improving customer service and satisfaction. Furthermore, seamlessly integrated Customer Assistant wireless communication devices, for example, wireless handsets, pagers, badges, cell phones and various inside and outside facility networks allow for staff mobility.

The “Customer Assistant”, a Retail Customer Helper from IgeaCare Solutions Inc. Quality customer care through innovative technology…IgeaCare.

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