eCallIgeaCare Solutions Inc. is proud to introduce the eCall-200, a PBX based emergency call box that delivers a total security and communication solution to the global education marketplace.

The Solution

The heart of the solution is the PBX. The PBX links the various functions and systems together. Dial tone, provided by the PBX, handles the call box functions. Calls for assistance are placed from the call box by pressing the red emergency button located directly on main unit. A programmable audible tone will advise the person in duress that the call has been placed. Calls are then routed to one or more desk set telephones, wireless telephones or pocket pagers ringing in sequence or together.

The eCall-200 will also allow for internal and external priority call routing. During the call process, the location, the nature and priority of the call, can be displayed on the LCD screen of all telephones/pagers programmed to receive assistance calls from that location. By answering the call for assistance the staff will have reliable hands free duplex communication with the person in need.


  • No need for proprietary cabling infrastructure or additional power requirements. Our solution utilizes existing telephone cabling which drastically reduces the cost of installation

  • Automated call routing optimizes response time

  • Embedded call escalation to insure that no call goes unanswered

  • Flexibility of individual settings: Individual call point assignment, escalation, retry attempts, call point priority and light indicators (optional)

  • Unsurpassed reliability and proven technology

Return on Investment

  • Reduces liability exposure

  • Increases enrolment and productivity based on providing a safer environment

  • Use of standard non-proprietary equipment and cabling, secures buyers from the uncertainty of evolving technologies

  • Low maintenance cost

  • Flexible and scalable

  • The ability to send notification to wired and wireless telephones reduces the need for specialized equipment and training

  • Optional call tracking and recording provides accountability and establishes benchmark performance

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