Nurse Call

igeacom MP501 

Common area enabled Nurse Call Solution

The igeacom MP501 is a state of the art nurse-emergency multi-pendant system that seamlessly integrates all the security requirements and functions of a tracking device. This system enables total connectivity, the resident is always safe and can easily be located by activating the red button on their pendant. Simply and easily install the igeacom MP501 throughout your facility. The igeacom MP501 enables overhead broadcast paging that can be segregated to specific zones and can even be designed to page specific rooms. The igeacomMP501 is ideal for alerting nurses of potential emergencies.

The igeacom MP501 has been designed to seamlessly integrate with a Private Branch eXchange Server and can be upgraded to any private wireless telephone network or pocket paging system.

Some of the key benefits of the igeacomMP501 are: endless flexibility in initial and redirection of a emergency call. Built in escalation to any telephone(s) both inside and outside the facility. Multiple call points and water resistant. The igeacom MP501 can be married to hundreds of pendants for residents.

In addition, programmable software allows you to toggle on/off to ALL features and functions of the igeacom MP501. Each unit can be programmed individually as a separate unit to allow for special care needs to a particular floor.  There are also programmable buttons for system announcements, for example, a kitchen menu or activities for the week. When the button is pressed your residents will hear through the call speaker a pre-recorded message. This in effect is a benefit to residents.  They no longer need to go back to there room to hear these messages thereby increasing their mobility throughout the facility. 

The igeacom MP501 has a clean, quiet and non-intrusive feel with brightly colored call buttons and can easily be married to a number of pendants.

“The igeacom: Revolutionizing Nurse Call Technology”

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