Below you will find a list of igeacom peripheral devices that are compatible with ALL igeacom units.

  • Wireless output module - This module can be added to the igeacom300 to enable wireless abilities.
  • Wireless pull cords - These pull cords can be moved around the room/suite to accommodate the residents placement of furniture with optional cancel at source of emergency call.
  • Wireless pendant(s) - Pendants enable mobility with remote emergency calling.
  • Dome Hall Light - Dome lights consist of four color bulbs, hard wired, and can be programmed according to the type of emergency.
  • Programming Software Kit - Included is the software that enables you to program or change your current programming of the igeacom nurse call system.

Below you will find a list of igeacom piece parts that are compatible with ALL igeacom systems.

  • Momentary hard wired pull cord
  • Molded white 6ft. push cord with red emergency button
  • Main unit – igeacom - back-up battery Nickel Cadmium
  • Pendant/Wireless pull cord back-up battery 3v Lithium 20mm
  • Replacement programming tool


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